Contea De Altavilla

Is at the turn of the Irpinia and Sannio , in the territory between Abellinum and the ancient Roman colony of Benevenum , which are located the vineyards of the Greco di Tufo , Fiano, Falanghina and Aglianico from which the wines are derived produced by our company . An area once belonged to the Great Counts de Capua here possessed Barba, Ceppaloni , Terranova d’ Arpaise ( BN ) , Altavilla , Chianchetelle , Grottolella and Prata di Principato Ultra (AV).

These feudal lords in the Middle Ages were especially influential for the great wealth possessed , belonged Andrea who had the sovereign many special favors, including that of having married , with three thousand ducats as dowry , the beautiful Costanza di Chiaromonte , from Queen King himself repudiated . On this occasion the de Capua also got some of the best lands of the kingdom …. the same ones that now make up the area of the Greek di Tufo . This is the land where the climate – terriotorio combination is unique and where the man was able to pass the meglioo of itself as the selection of the vines that are now the pride of Irpinia and Sannio . Here our company cultivates vines that were introduced with the Greek colonization and produces wines ch make this area a small enclave … a jewel of Italian oenology